It is one of the deepest paradoxes of life that we are at our most unique when we are most connected to the commonality of life. As we live and manifest the life in us.

Gerda Boyesen, Founder of Biodynamic Psychology, describes the manifestation of this in each person as the Primary Personality – an inimicable yet flexible singular self. This singular essence is recognisable by all other living beings – especially when we express our selves. When we are healthy our heartbeats can be ‘expressed’ as unique mathematical formulae – detectable as such by all nearby living beings.

Yet so often we find ourselves drawing back from this our fullest expression, choosing instead to hide.

Often this is because we have had, not only bad, but life threatening experiences, and we have learnt to play safe and protect what we know to be most valuable.

Yet at this time when life itself is in increasing jeopardy – our already heroic survival and what we have learnt from it potentially contain part or even perhaps the whole of a planetary solution.

Life is calling us, if not to step out, to step into and embody our uniqueness.

Skills and knowledge are often emphasised in uniqueness and they apply; but remember who you simply are is present when your heart beats, and remember that living through your experiences has created an even more deeply embodied singularity.

The more your protective nature seeks to hide a particular aspect of who you are, the chances are the more valuable and treasure filled this aspect can be. Realised in expression.

If you have been trapped by trauma, take time to heal – your resilience needs time to grow again before you have recovered.

There is a far side to this healing – where you can join a community of humans who are already manifested humanity at its deepest and most profound levels – and are only waiting for you, yes YOU, to take them to the next level. Longing to know your story and learn from your survival and your life beyond and to celebrate with you.

Image © Mário Lavrador |