Biodynamic Health and Psychology

Come home to yourself through supporting and nurturing your deepest emotional and fluid nature, your real strength.

When we truly experience of our selves we find deep intelligence, wisdom and sensitivity. Only without judgement (from whatever source) can our true self inspire our true nature and reveal our essence.

In our subtle flexibility, there is enormous power to transform, from the inside out, if we dare to truly acknowledge the realities of our feelings without mental interference from inside or out.

Biodynamic therapy’s combination of talking, massage and bodywork lends itself to working intensively without excessive provocation and can be an invaluable support to specific issues or personal development.

Where you need to be physically at home, we can work through video/telephone contact to really bring you back into your depth.

Biodynamic Psychology

Biodynamic Psychology and its related therapies were established over 50 years ago by Clinical Psychologist, Gerda Boyesen ® (1922-2005) and developed by the Institute of Biodynamic Medicine, IOBM. The distinguishing aspect of her work was her recognition of the brain-gut axis and her discovery of its role in the physiology of emotion.

There is increasing evidence for Biodynamic Psychology’s capacity to help recovery from trauma and its alignment with findings in modern neuroscience, especially emerging understandings about the relationship between wellbeing and the vagus nerve.

What to Expect

A biodynamic environment is a cosy, quiet, safe, professional place and space.

Designed to truly nurture and honour the dignity of each person, the environment supports and communicates peace, safety, respect, commitment and non-judgement.

Biodynamic Psychotherapy

Biodynamic Psychotherapy is essentially a contract to work holistically with your self, through attending to your psyche or soul, with a therapist.

To support the contract the therapist will use a range of methods, including Biodynamic Massage, Vegetotherapy, working with the body without touch, and Psychotherapy.

Biodynamic Psychotherapy can include visualisation, biodynamic dream analysis, dramatising and enacting situations, speaking from your core, unravelling judgement, or freeing you from rigid patterns of thought.

To support your deep core it can be important to support your healthy immunity to situations which have harmed you – the coherent safety of your therapist’s allowing intention and a soft environment are designed to support you to express and free your most difficult and challenged feelings.

Biodynamic Massage

Biodynamic Massage is a touch based range of treatment methods which are designed to restore your alignment with your core feelings and being.

Working on a Massage Table where your comfort is a priority, the therapist uses a stethoscope to follow what is known as your psycho-peristalsis – those tummy rumblings which come in response to touch, and the presence of another.

These methods are essentially peaceful and meditative, as well as supporting the potency of your whole health.

Where you have experienced trauma, whether physical or psychological or both, the methods help to unravel its effects.

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