Once connected with your whole soul, your unique path through and approach to life can be re-invigorated and you can inspire, and be inspired.

The Biodynamic Approach can support and inform all aspects of life.

We each and all have a unique opportunity, especially in this decade, the third of the twenty-first century, to re-vision our place in the Universe through living and applying natural processes to support and reveal the development of true order and inspire new ways of living.

When each individual is really tuned into themselves, at their most authentic and effective, they naturally find, beyond themselves, complementary information, people and networks with whom they can share values, and develop more life-affirming ways of being not only in their bodies, but also on this planet.

Current models of business, through automation and scaling up, are often inadvertently, if not deliberately, detrimental to life. My interest is in creating links globally between self-employed and small scale community ventures, including artists and craftspeople, to support the appreciation and refinement of smaller scale enterprise and networks, which blend into families and communities clearly and supportively, where profit and growth are in service to wholeness and health, and not the other way around.

In collaboration with Kunzwana Women’s Association in Zimbabwe, we have a page on LinkedIn – developing a network to share and discuss some of the challenges and creative, innovative solutions from women entrepreneurs working alongside each other.

To join LinkedIn group follow this link: https://www.linkedin.com/company/kunzwana-international-network/about/?viewAsMember=true

Image: Kunzwana Library