There is a burgeoning experience of fatigue, including in response to all the stresses of the recent global pandemic.

This burgeoning, among other pressures, arises from the following:

  • Lack of sufficient convalescence following accidents, operations, illness and trauma: aggravated by the related societal attitudes which hustle us back to work and busyness
  • Inappropriate gym use – pushing muscles so they lack the flexibility to support the intricate work of the neurovascular systems
  • Infiltration of true downtime by technology

In the Biodynamic work we often speak of the 10,000 year tiredness. This occurs when there has been a deep emotional unravelling or physiological undoing and a lot of material is excreted, that was previously held.

Yet with sleep and rest, this tiredness has a de-toxing effect, and after up to 72 hours, and sometimes simply further treatment, this excess of tiredness wears off.

After challenging work and life events, we often need to sleep deeply, waking refreshed and able to work, participate and be active again.

Yet fatigue lingers.

Some fatigue can be the result of incompletely excreted anaesthetic. When a client releases any post-operative holding there can be a smell of anaesthetic in the Biodynamic consulting room, after which they return, or go off without needing to return, with renewed vigour.

This points to the involvement in fatigue of both the nervous system and the muscular system it stills. Which can also include aspects of the psychoperistalsis, which either draws, or signals the drawing of, a gentle flow of lymph.

The places where pain is experienced most acutely in fibromyalgia are coincident with neurovascular bundles – which intricately weave nervous tissue, lymphatic vessels and blood vessels encased by large voluntary muscles. These tiny but important junctions between systems need support from all directions, especially in the rib cage where full natural breaths can support unravelling anything caught in these tiny networks.

So the need for rest and recovery suggests allowing enough time for these refined intricate webs of tissue and systems to fully re-set, while gentle exercise can also support this without too much pressure.

Psychoperistalsis, those tummy rumbles in response to touch, expression and insight: is what all Biodynamic work aims for, always aided by holding, often simply the space, to allow someone to be safely.

As we experience safety and holding we can deepen, through the conscious engagement of the parasympathetic processes, which supports similar cleansing from deep within the vegetative tissues, leading to bigger breaths, deeper insights and greater self compassion. After treatments during which rest is encouraged, people can feel as refreshed as if they have slept effectively for hours.

When we are alone we can support these tiny organs by acknowledging our fears, neurosis, depression, need to rest; forgiving our self for our humanity, letting our feelings flow; softening any movement; and visualising cleansing water washing through these tiny bundles; as we rest, covered up, on our left hand side.

Image: Alesia Kozik, Pexels