The Nature of Soul

From the first veil, or membrane, of ‘incarnation’ which separates an individual from the total ‘potential’ of life and all there is: to that which leaves us when we die.

A soul is the coherent, intelligent, meaningful containment and management of life energy and metabolism in relationship to the rest of life and the cosmos.

These are words and concepts, based on experience and distilled from traditions which hand on our ancestral experience, but each soul’s experience can be beyond these.

Taking responsibility for your own soul, putting into words your own wordless experience and becoming informed by traditional understandings that resonate with you, brings new definition and inspiration to the nature of Soul.

Allowing a Soul to feel Whole

When we remember or are reminded of who we really are, this simple but profound consciousness restores our ‘sacred’ nature and our bodies’ role as vessels both for and of this deeper nature.

Allowing and dedicating space and time for the caring, nurturing, nourishing, response to, and inspiration to our souls brings coherence and maturity.

With each verb simply a ‘practice’ of remembering we are already whole. And the choice of verb and method a matter of preference, and the recognition that the adverb – the way we practice – will convey the most to our soul.

Slower and less, moving us from doing to being, allowing greater and greater alignment and integration.

And the recognition and realisation of Whole Soul brings a lightness and cosmic connection which is visible across time and space.

Image: Falling drop of rain with blue earth image and water splash in crown shape by Trutta, Dreamstime