Biodynamic Supervision

As a Biodynamic Supervisor, licensed by IOBM, as well as supervising Biodynamic Therapists, I offer Biodynamic Supervision to experienced counsellors, therapists and body workers, who are fully proficient in applying and working within their professional frameworks and methods.

Biodynamic Supervision offers a mutually conscious, held space to support each practitioner’s professional autonomy, to differentiate material and deepen understanding, to bring a Biodynamic as well as a psychotherapeutic perspective, and to flex and reflect in the crucible offered by such a relationship.

These meetings are 1.5 or 2 hours and can be scheduled fortnightly, monthly within a clearly agreed contract, or for one off ‘case reviews’.

Biodynamic Mentoring

The Biodynamic Perspective can inform and reinvigorate any aspect of living. Whether you and your team offer services, you are developing a new service, resource or community organisation, or you are seeking to face challenges and work through difficulties.

Being present allows a natural connection with your own creativity and insight which can support and inform your vision and its implementation, from a whole and inclusive perspective.

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