In person meetings are available, by arrangement, with ongoing risk assessment, and within updated government and professional guidance.

Biodynamic work continues to be available remotely, through a choice of technology. These meetings not only involve talking, but also the use of applied methods and well developed understandings of our bodies and how to be present and follow without touch.


Whatever treatment option you choose, or we finalise together, we begin with a consultation, scheduled for 2 hours.

Where distance is an issue, and/or a contract has not been settled, the consultation can be scheduled remotely.

Consultations include a Demonstration Treatment and/or an Experience of Biodynamic Methods.

Video/telephone Sessions @ Home

For 1, 1.5 or 2 hours, these are opportunities to talk through in depth, and visit your depths with conscious biodynamic support, whether you are geographically distant or self-isolating/socially distancing.

Personal Retreats

A step back from the ordinary flow of your life to regroup and revisit your priorities and essence.

While working to relieve stress and symptoms in your body, and addressing specific issues, there is still time and space to allow a meeting with your essential self.
Based on 5 to 2 days, mutually scheduled.

Day Programmes

Similar to a personal retreat, but meeting over one day instead of several, day programmes can be units in an in-depth programme, or a one-off for a specific issue.

On-going Regular Sessions

Based on 2 hour sessions scheduled fortnightly, whether in person or scheduled remotely. 3 hour sessions can be important at certain points to support a deepening, but can be balanced out across longer timescales.

If your need is pressing, it can be important to meet more regularly or intensively in the first instance.

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