The Pearl Process is the name given to a short series of videos available on You Tube, see link below, presenting an ordered steps to support you in your emotional life and well-being.

Tools to use (in order) when you need to connect with your self and review life from your own deepest perspective For the Pearl Process Playlist For the Pearl Process Trailer

Disclaimer Use of the Pearl Process is and remains your sole responsibility. The Pearl Process may be helpful should you not be able to reach or get therapeutic support. However useful, it is not a substitute for support and therapy. If you, and/or others, are in imminent danger, seek help now, leave the situation you are in as swiftly as possible. If you do not currently feel safe to be with yourself, which could include experiencing passing feelings of unsafety, the Pearl Process is not for you at the moment, please seek other resources, including professional help.

Slide image photo by Juan Miguel Agudo, Unsplash