When we are enough, we simply don’t need or want to excess.

We have internal gauges and from the outside this may appear quite some amount more than we expect or anticipate, especially if we are in a corrective phase. Permission to have what we need can help to identify our capacity. 

The rainforest community in Ecuador, the Achuar culture, define feminine and masculine roles which give women responsibility to call enough, no more needed for the moment, when sufficient food wood or resources have been gathered. 

Sage Lavine in her Tedx talk tells of meeting women from this culture who could not understand why we had not called a halt to our excesses some time ago.

Instead, we have left it to our children: Greta Thunberg, heroine and front person of political direct action in calling enough, too much, she shames every adult for their inaction. 

Our culture has taken our enough out of us: out of our women, out ot our men, and is taking it out of our children. And through this selective deprivation, our culture inhibited and interfered with our natural capacity for checking and balancing.

We have allowed ourselves and others to be impoverished undermined undervalued. Without value placed in and on the life in us how can we value life?

If we can allow enough food, enough drink, enough contact, enough time, enough safety: enough nurture there is a deep satisfaction which crosses over to a profound, even spiritual, sense of valuing ourselves, others and life: feared by the insatiable unsatisfied appetites behind capitalism. 

This is the ‘not enough inside’ feeling we are all prey to, when non-nurturing approaches create and support and legalise organisations and money; while destroying ecosystems, driving species to extinction, generating toxic waste, and limiting the vast majority of us physically and psychologically.

All our resources including time and space are being undermined and degraded. 

Through a whole enough experience we can grow children who become adult enough to address the murderous and soul and planet destroying excess and call:


This necessary investment in the future, what we need more of, can be topped up when we grow our selves up by nurturing ourselves others and life in whole ways, which are not only life affirming in the present, but build the resilience we need for all our futures.

Image: On the Brink © Baraian Radu | Dreamstime.com