Biodynamic Therapy recognises the healing power of a peaceful other – your family can help – you and your baby could immediately benefit from the following:

Family Spooning

Take some time in your new family unit (whatever form this takes), to focus on each other, the journey that has brought you to this point and the energy that you will take forward.
Aim to stay in this position for at least 40 minutes and to have as much skin-to-skin contact as is possible.

Mother lies on her left hand side with the back of baby’s ribcage in contact with hers. Her left hand rests on top of baby’s head and her right hand is on baby’s tummy just below their ribcage. She should begin by bowing her head forward towards baby.

Father (or grandparent, partner, birthing partner, supporter) lies behind mother with his/her right hand on her hand, or deep on her belly, near her stitches, if she has had a caesarean, whichever feels better. His left hand holds her at the top of her back, just before her neck bends forward.

Any other children within the family unit may also want to participate in a version of this (though not necessarily at this time).

Little treatments

When baby isn’t feeding or asleep – hold baby’s hands and lightly stroke down each finger and beyond. Touch each foot and stroke their toes, then stroke their head – all movements gently outwards beyond their bodies. To finish put your left hand on the top of their back and right hand on the front of their ribcage until you hear baby sigh.

Let them stay lying on their left side now for as long as possible.

Mother can benefit from something similar, but she will be able to take a stronger touch, especially on her hands and feet, without going beyond them.

Feeding from the Heart

Whether you are able to breastfeed or not, the time spent close to your heart can be vital for your baby’s development and the field that can develop between you has the capacity to heal you too – try not to move away too quickly or put down a ‘blissed out’ or apparently sleeping baby. Any time spent together in bliss is truly invaluable. See Breastfeeding Beyond Nutrition on

Water Story AFTER Birth

Courtesy of Dr Carol J Phillips, Dynamic Body Balancing, Minnesota

When mother and baby are able to be in a warm bath, which can have added sea or Epsom salts, together at home, mother rests in bath, in low candlelight, and father comes near to support baby to rest on mother’s chest and abdomen, supporting baby’s head and letting water and mother support baby’s body.

Both parents gently tell baby what happened to baby during birth and extent to which it differed from what they wished, their feelings, and how close they were, or wished they were, throughout the birth. They can explain about all the help brought by professionals.If baby got stuck, and needed help to get out, mother can hold baby’s torso and let hands and feet wiggle, to confirm they are not stuck now.
All unplanned and/or traumatic stories can complete with:
‘We are sorry this happened, and we did not manage to support you better, you never have to do that again, we love you.’
Stay together and feel togetherness for as long as suits.