Once connected with your whole soul, your unique path through and approach to life can be re-invigorated and seek inspiration.

I have been inspired by nature’s hypercycle.

Hypercycles are fast, co-operative metabolic processes – most notably photosynthesis and the Krebs cycle – which, once established early in the evolution of life, sped up and scaled up life on this planet.

Each hypercycle contains entirely efficient biochemicals working alongside each other, in entirely differentiated ways, yet creating integration to an entirely different order.

While each of us cannot create such innovation ourselves, nevertheless the model and the example of the Hypercycle can inspire each and every individual to really tune into themselves, at their most authentic and effective, and to find, beyond themselves, complementary information and partners.

We have a unique opportunity, especially in this decade, the third of the twenty-first century, to re-vision our place in the Universe through living and applying natural processes to support and reveal the development of true order and inspire new ways of living.

The deepening and tuned in biodynamic information to support each individual soul is available here on Whole Soul.

Some initiatives, inspired by the hypercycle, can be seen in the Linkedin group, Hypercycle.