Biodynamic Health and Psychology

Come home to yourself through supporting and nurturing your deepest emotional and fluid nature, your real strength.

When we truly experience of our selves we find deep intelligence, wisdom and sensitivity. Only without judgement (from whatever source) can our true self inspire our true nature and reveal our essence.

Communication, whether through language, touch or presence, can help to clarify, confirm and evoke this depth, as well as eliminate the effects of what has stopped us in the past, restoring effectiveness and leading on to deeper understanding.

In our subtle flexibility, there is enormous power to transform, from the inside out, if we dare to truly acknowledge the realities of our feelings without mental interference from inside or out.

Biodynamic therapy’s combination of talking, massage and bodywork lends itself to working intensively without excessive provocation and can be an invaluable support to specific issues or personal development.

Where you need to be physically at home, we can work through video/telephone contact to really bring you back into your depth.

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